Metaverse Concerts – A New Way to Live

Virtual Reality will be all around us and soon, we will have new types of concerts where you can watch real people playing and singing with virtual characters in a way that can seem to be real. It will change the way we live, it will change the way we sing, it will change the way we listen to music! This article goes into detail on how Metaverse Concerts work and what they are like! I was present at one as well and let me tell you, it’s pretty awesome stuff!

The Anatomy of a Metaverse concert

The first thing you should know is that, unlike traditional concerts which take place in arenas and feature a stage and seats for people, Metaverse concerts are completely immersive and have no physical structure. Instead, artists are projected onto a virtual stage using cutting-edge holographic technology. Fans can engage with their favorite bands as they appear in 3D right before their eyes.

The Experience Inside

Bringing music into a metaverse opens up a whole new realm of live entertainment. Artists can take advantage of things like VR headset cameras, eye tracking and gesture control, haptic feedback, and world-scale interactive audio systems. It means performers can engage with their audience in far more personal ways than ever before – allowing for both artist and viewer alike to become immersed in an experience that’s both real and unreal at once.

The Technology Behind It

Metaverse is using a platform called decentraland and its token LAND is used for governance of land. Its based on Ethereum protocol. Decentraland does not use blocks instead it uses an alternative called abstract state trees. The network was launched in August 2017.

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